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What is a Plevin claim?

In November 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in a case called Plevin v. Paragon Personal Finance Ltd.  The court found that the sale of a PPI policy was unfair because the company had not disclosed the fact that more than two thirds of the premium paid was given as a commission to the lender.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has since ruled that if anyone else wishes to bring a PPI claim concerning the high levels of hidden commission within PPI premiums, they could do so. These claims are referred to as “Plevin Claims” after the original claimant, Mrs Susan Plevin.

Does this apply to me?

You could be due a significant refund if any of the following applies:

  • Your PPI policy was sold before 6 April 2007
  • You paid for your PPI premiums for at least a year
  • You have not had a successful PPI claim*

* if you’ve already made a claim which was rejected as not mis-sold, or you made a successful claim but only received a partial refund, you may be able to submit a claim for Plevin.

How much have we reclaimed for clients?

Highest Claim: £17,652

Lowest Claim: £1,160

Average claim: £4,352

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The ability to reclaim money owed to you may be subject to a legally imposed time limit. However, even in the absence of such time constraints, initiating the reclaim process promptly will expedite the refund or compensation owed to you.

For the convenience of our clients, we provide a complimentary eligibility checker. Through this service, we thoroughly assess whether you have a valid claim. If a claim exists, we will engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding the subsequent steps and proceed with the claim if you wish us to do so. Our services operate on a no win, no fee basis, and any fees will be mutually agreed upon before undertaking any work on your behalf. You can rest assured that no upfront payments will be requested at any point.